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PORTLAND, October 5, 2020-- Flip Rhythm is thrilled to announce Rhyme Storm, the first freestyle rapping rhythm game, will be released on Steam Early Access on Monday, October 12.

Utilizing speech recognition, a unique scoring system, and AI lyrics generation, Rhyme Storm is a wholly new experience that challenges you to stay on your toes and on the beat as you deftly string together hard-hitting punchlines. Battle your way up the scoreboards as you progress through 6 levels of difficulty across two play modes. It's packed with awesome beats, hilarious topics, and mind blowing visuals that dance and pulse along to your performance. You won’t be asking if you can freestyle rap or not -- you’ll be wondering “how fast can I go?”

“After two and a half years of development we are thrilled to finally be launching Rhyme Storm,” said Tip McMahon, co-founder and CEO of Flip Rhythm. “We've really knocked down the barriers to freestyle rap, it still amazes me how quickly a player with no experience can start freestyling and get into a flow. And it's just so fun, there's nothing else like it.”

Game Features:
• A New Experience: The world's first freestyle rapping rhythm game
• Test Your Might: Get graded in real time and then see how you stack up on the scoreboards
• Killer Soundtrack: 20 awesome beats in various styles and speeds
• Find Your Groove: It's easy to get on beat with our slick visual guides, flashing words, and visualizers all pulsing to the music
• Hypnotizing Graphics: 9 unique visualizers throb and twist with the music, reacting to your performance and pulling you into the flow
• Get Pumped: Your own personal hype man backs you up, pushes you on, and cheers for every victory
• Freestyling: Off the Dome mode gives you rhymes built around your chosen topic, the rest is up to you!
• AI for MCs: Freeflow mode gives you full lyrics to rap in styles ranging from modern rap to Shakespeare, all powered by Tempest AI
• Laugh Your Butt Off: Over ten thousand hilarious topics with custom rhymes

It’s time to get your bars up and weather a Category 4 Rhyme Storm! Purchase Rhyme Storm on Steam for 15% off from October 12th to the 18th.

Additional announcement materials can be retrieved from the Rhyme Storm Press Kit.

Rhyme Storm is being developed by Flip Rhythm, a Portland Oregon based game studio. The game will launch summer 2020 on windows 10 PC via Steam Early Access. For more information or to keep up with the latest news, visit us at:
Website: rhymestorm.com
Steam Page: Rhyme Storm
Facebook: facebook.com/rhymestormgame
Instagram: instagram.com/rhymestorm/
Twitter: twitter.com/rhyme_storm

About Flip Rhythm: Flip Rhythm is an indie game developer located in Portland, OR. Incorporated in 2019.

Press Contact
Name: Flynn McEchron
Email: Flynn@fliprhythm.com
Press Kit: rhymestorm.com/presskit.html